Loft Bathroom Designs

Tours of old European Cities seem to always include the majestic cathedrals with bell towers, storybook steeples and intricate murals. Although these buildings are filled with many eye catching architectural and design achievements, their stain glass windows often receive the most attention. Owners of castles, churches, and mansions all commissioned artists to work with stain glass to distinguish their edifices These beautiful colored windows look to define many historic structures, almost capturing the splendor and grace of years gone by. Designers have never forgotten stain glass and have experimented with many applications. Today one of the most exciting innovations is Glass Mosaic Tiles.

Many people think all kitchen and bathroom tiles are ceramic, but they need to think again. Mosaic tiles ar now made from natural stone, metal, porcelain, wood, and glass. Each material offers an exciting range of color and style applications. Glass offers a wide range of options, and today’s innovative designers are thrilled by the possibilities.

The designer Sam Tonos of Tonos Design Studio turned a small bath in a duplex loft in Tribeca, NYC into something spectacular using varnished glass mosaic tiles. Unlike ceramic tiles, glass creates a translucent quality that tends to brighten and open up small spaces. He chose a multi-colored pattern with greens, pale blues, whites, brown, and beige. Each tile is hand cut then individually pieced together to create a unlined pattern. The long, narrow tile strips add energy and movement, which creates the illusion of space and light.

Tonos used the stick tile pattern as a back wall as well as a border on the simpler white sink backsplash. The vibrant tiles add contrast to the simpler vanity and commode in the Tribeca bathroom.

You can find varnished glass photomosaic tiles in many unlike shapes and patterns.

  • Mirrored stain glass is smoked, antique, or silver. A contemporary style uses a mixture of all three types of mirrored glass to achieve a cutting edge look.
  • Petite block style mosaics are similar in appearance to ceramic tile, but have a translucent, almost ethereal quality.
  • Small and large brick stained glass mosaics can be found in many colors. The tiles are smooth and the multi-color designs energize almost any space.
  • Hand crafted art tiles take this classic material to then next level. The beauty of ancient times is now an intricate feature of the interiors of some of the finest homes in New York City.

Photos of Loft Bathroom Designs