Loft Bed Frame – A Quick Guide to the Different Designs Available

The loft bed frame is a great way to maximize the space in your kids room. If you currently have a standard bed then you will be amazed by the extra space you can get with a loft bed.

The loft bed frame comes in three basic styles. Below is a quick guide to these to get you started on your search.

Loft bed with storage

For very small bedrooms this is a clever solution to your storage problems. The bed is high, not as high as a top bunk bed, but high enough to have a comprehensive set of drawers underneath it.

Loft bed with desk and seat
This is a good solution for a child’s room. Underneath the bed there is a small desk or workstation, and next to it is a chair. The chair will usually be a pull out which will convert into a spare single bed. Due to the small sizing of the work station a swivel stool is often sold with these.

Loft bed with large workstation
This is great for older kids as the work area is significantly larger and will allow for a computer or laptop and still leave room for books. This increase work area is at the cost of the chair. It also means that the desk chair can be a bigger option as well, which will be more comfortable, especially important if your kids is at the age when they will be doing a lot of homework.

All of these ar great solutions. The storage choice is unfortunately not as much fun as the others and kids will be less divine by it, but if it will free up some space in their room they will probably be quiet pleased with it.

The two choices with a desk ar almost guaranteed to be a hit with the kids as it gives them their own space. If you are undecided ‘tween the two unlike desk designs then, if you have the space, the best choice would be the bigger work station and then add a futon chair bed to the room. This means that there will still be a chair for reading, a spare bed for friends and you will not have to compromise on the work space.

Which ever loft bed frame you choose be sure to buy from a reputable company so that you are acquiring a well made piece of furniture as well as a good design.

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