Loft Bedroom Designs

As people find it more economical to extend their current home rather than moving to a bigger property loft conversions become ever more popular. But what are the most pop loft designs amongst UK homeowners?

By far the most popular loft conversion project in the UK is a new bedroom. For those property owners with a growing family the presently unused ceiling space is the perfect location to add an extra bedroom or two.

The most common loft designs see parents and homeowners creating a large new master bedroom. Loft conversion bedrooms can be absolutely sensational if they make use of large windows to create floods of natural light in the morning or a romantic view of the starlit sky at night. And, with the space available it is very easy to admit an en-suite bathroom in your loft conversion.

But kids will also love being in the highest room in the house (and far away from the eyes of their parents) and many loft spaces would be big enough to incorporate two decent sized children’s bedrooms.

The second most democratic option for loft designs is to create extra living space by building a luxurious main family room. This room can be very large and decorated with swish furniture but careful consideration does need to be given to the boilersuit design as it is important to make the best use of the available space.

The slope of the ceiling can make it tricky to obtain the layout you want but with careful preparation and looking around for furniture that fits comfortably into the available space a very stylish living area can be created for all the family to enjoy.

Another very pop choice when converting the loft is to make the space into a home office. The loft can be the ideal space for an office and, with so many of us now choosing to work from home, the loft can be the ideal location for that new office you always wanted.

Probably the biggest obstacle to overcome in these kind of loft designs is the installation of the electrical system and the extra sockets needed to power all the equipment needed in a busy home office. But, the careful selection of storage and locating the work stations can result in an office to be proud of.

But, no matter which loft designs you finally choose you won’t be able to please everyone within the family as they will all want the loft to themselves. But, the three loft designs elect by householders in the UK are; a luxurious en-suite bedroom, a classy and stylish living area and a state of the art well equipped home office.

Photos of Loft Bedroom Designs