Loft Interior Design

Loft interior design is a world apart from interior design for a home or apartment. A loft creates a challenge because it has a wide, open space that needs to be made into separate living areas. Keep reading this article to discover some great ideas for loft interior design.

If you have a large area that you need to separate, try long, flowing, curtains. This will divide the room into two different living areas and give the room an elegant touch. If you don’t want the expense of curtains, you may try a folding room divider. These room dividers can be found in many different designs. You can even choose a divider that has hand painted decorative scenes to add an artistic flair to the room.


Furniture selection should complement the brick wall of your loft. Furniture should be somewhat plain with neutral colors. If you want to add a splash of color or design, you can do so by choosing a few area rugs for the floor.

If your loft has contains smaller rooms, a great idea to give the appearance of a larger room is to add mirrors. A mirror can make any room look bigger than it is. Just take great care to secure you mirror tightly to the wall. A lot of lofts have brick walls and therefore it may be a little difficult to hang any type of picture or mirror.

If you have excess lighting in your loft, play this up by adding bright cheery throw pillows and other accents. If you love plants, a loft may be the perfect place for them if you have skylights. Loft interior design should always reflect your tastes.

Don’t forget to decorate your walls with pictures and your favorite artwork. Always make sure that the wall decorations that you choose stay with the theme of the room. You may need special wall mounts to hang your wall decorations due to the fact that most loft walls are made from brick. You can check with your local hardware store for the needed equipment.

A loft will not have a lot of storage space, so it is important that you try to get a bed that has drawers underneath. You can also put a chest at the foot of the bed for added storage for bed linens and pillows. There are great companies out there where you can choose a custom closet to fit your loft area. These closets are attractive and easy to assemble.

Loft interior design is not that difficult once you get the “feel” for the loft. If you have a loft consider yourself blessed with a unique roomy space that has endless possibilities. Happy decorating!

Photos of Loft Interior Design