Loft Ladder Design

Has all the clutter in your home reached decisive mass? Do you wish you could find a place for all those possessions and furnishings that you rarely use but want to keep? The answer mightiness be making better use of your loft space, if you have one. Most lofts ar accessed by way of a ladder. In many cases, older loft ladders, especially if they’re made of timber, are unsafe. To make the best use of your loft, you need a way to access it safely. Why non consider replacing that rickety timber ladder with a durable, maintenance-free aluminium one? Here’s a abbreviated review of the Columbus Piccolo aluminium concertina loft ladder.

Loft Ladders: About the Columbus Piccolo Premium Aluminium Concertina

This ladder is has a specially intentional articulated construction that allows it to collapse into itself and stow neatly on top of the trap door. Many types of concertina loft ladders require minimum vertical clearance, which makes them suitable for non-standard applications. The stiles have a diamond pattern, and non-slip treads ar fixed between them. The whole assembly is held together by way of strong aluminium or steel bolts. A concertina ladder is like a stairway in some regards, and it is much safer and more comfortable to climb than a standard ladder.. A concertina ladder usually has liberally wide treads that are treated in some way to resist slipping. For extra safety and stability, a concertina loft ladder can be fitted with handrails, or even a child safety rail.

Loft Ladders: Features of the Columbus Piccolo Concertina

Like others in its class, the Columbus Piccolo Premium loft ladder is operated by a counterbalanced spring mechanism, making it supremely easy to open and close. This is a strong, durable ladder that’s perfect if you need to access your loft space often. The treads give secure footing, being 60mm deep by 330mm wide. Because it’s made from a jackanapes but strong aluminium alloy, the ladder is very easy to deploy and stow. Many homeowners prefer the slim design of this ladder because it’s both robust and unobtrusive.

Loft Ladders: A Few Specifications of the Columbus Piccolo Concertina

The ladder will fit a floor to ceiling height range of 2881mm to 3150mm, and will work for hatch openings from 510mm x 420mm. It requires a minimal opening of 700mm x 420mm, which makes it suitable for small spaces. This ladder conforms to the important BS EN 14975 European standard. BS EN 14975 ensures that the ladder has passed a rigorous set of tests for strength, safety, design and function. The loft ladder will support a maximum safe working load of 150kg. Remember that the maximum safe working load is the total weight of the user, on with any tools or material being transported up or down the ladder.

Loft ladders like the Columbus Piccolo concertina help homeowners make the best use of what often is an under-utilised space.

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