Loft Living Design

Loft living has become the home of choice for all kinds of people from young business professionals to middle-aged empty nesters to older retired couples. If you love the feel of open spaces and unique design, then loft living may be for you. The one thing that all loft lovers do agree on, however, is that the interior design of a loft living space should be left in the hands of a professional, such a Seattle interior designer. For the amateur home decorator, lofts present issues that can become quite thwarting and overwhelming. Here are just a few of the design elements that call for a trained eye and creative hand:

  • Lofts can sometimes be one open space where individual “rooms” have to be created using just the right elements of design.
  • Some lofts have been built from refurbished industrial space leaving steel girders and uncovered brick intact. It can be tricky incorporating these elements into a ruined design that works.
  • That big open space will most likely mean very few walls. Most of us are so used to plunking furniture against a wall, we wouldn’t have the first clue how to arrange our furniture any other way! And how would we ever decide where or how to “hang” our favorite art pieces or gallery of family photos?
  • Another thing that loft living doesn’t have is a closet around every corner. Fewer closets mean less space to hide our “stuff.” Open space loft living often means a lot more of the things we own have to be either creatively displayed or smartly stored!
  • All of that bare floor space is going to require area rugs to keep our toes nice and toasty. In a loft, it’s not just a case of buying a 9×12 carpeting and plunking it down in the bedroom. Several area rugs are likely going to be needed and much to the dismay of the “decorating challenged,” they will need to be coordinated!
  • All of those gorgeous big windows that flood us with natural light during the day have to somehow be “dressed” for the night time hours too.
  • Stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops make for a beautiful contemporary kitchen with lots of space for culinary adventure. But what about the fact that the kitchen, bedroom and living room are really all the same room?
  • And then of course, there is the question of paint colors. Does one open space necessarily mean everything needs to be all one color? How do we choose unlike colours for unlike rooms when there ar no “rooms?”

Most of us who have visited lofts have seen them as they are after interior designers have worked their magic. These ar the professionals who know how to turn that big open space into the exciting and unique style of living space that new loft owners dream about!

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