Loft Studio

Traditional lofts ar a single room which houses all of your living quarters. This can make having guests over and entertaining friends quite unmanageable as your bedroom flows into your living room which flows into your kitchen and bathroom! However, these tips for decorating a single room are sure to make your studio loft presentable for any occasion.

There are tricks to making a small area feel more spacious. So if your loft is not an expansive, full floor studio, don’t sweat it. Try these simple tips to make it feel bigger. Buy multipurpose furniture with storage space. Futons ar a great way to enjoy sitting space during the day, or for a nightly movie, then convert into a bed for an nightlong guest. Many coffee tables and mobile kitchen islands also come with built in storage bins that help maximise space. And storage baskets that fit under your bed create nifty places to hide blankets, magazines and even clothes from visitors.

Curtains provide great dividers that can section your living space when necessary, such as when you have that overnight guest on the futon, and then be tied back to create a greater feeling of openness when you want it. Likewise, folding(a) dividers provide quick walls to create temporary sections within your studio loft but can be folded up and stood against a wall when you want more space.

Furniture with wheels is a great way to move furniture around to accommodate dissimilar occasions and your daily needs. Use mirrors and sparkling or glass surfaces to reflect more light and to make space feel larger. Use chic overhead lighting fixtures to get lamps and unnecessary tables off your limited floor space while adding aesthetic flare.

Make sure to keep your room bright by non limiting sunshine with dark window coverings. Use sheer window curtains or Venetian blinds that allow more light in and promote a feeling of openness. Finally, stick to a color palette and limit the amount of dissimilar textures you use. Too many colours and lots of texture make a room feel littered and chaotic, not a good feeling if you are living in a small, studio loft.

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