Lofts Design

Does your pigeon loft design meet the 5 step check list? Pigeon lofts designed without the 5 step check list has been shown to be more costly and considerable more time to be wasted. How to know for sure your loft design is up to code and meets all your pigeon’s needs can be accomplished by following 5 proven steps.

By reading every word of this article you will find out what the 5 stairs are and be assured your loft design meets the grade.

Step 1: Before you even purchase the materials for your loft draw out what you envision your loft to look like. I know this seems like a no brainer but you will be surprise how many people do non do this simple step. Taking the time to do this guarantee’s lest time in building and wasted costs since in a design you can always take and give to ensure your loft looks right before building.

Step 2: Find out what your local building code is for your state. Be sure to incorporate the state guidelines in your design. Nothing’s worst than having your loft shut down because you didn’t meet code. If you ar unsure what the code for your state is I provide a resourcefulness of where to find out at the bottom of this article.

Step 3: Be sure to design and build your loft into compartments. As a minimum your loft design should contain 4 compartments. One of the compartments should be dedicated for isolating sick birds. Two of the compartments could be used for different pigeon types and one for new pigeons should also be included. In addition your roof design should be conducive for easy approach and inviting for your pigeons to want to return regularly.

Step 4: Be sure to add a section for pigeon perch which is an unnoted item in most designs. Box perches can be well be installed and should be comfortable for the pigeon to stand and move around in.

Step 5: Your design and construction of your loft has to be focussed on ventilation. Your loft should be as dry as potential at all times. Be sure your design takes into consideration this vitally important feature. You may even want to have an exhaust fan in your design and construction if you can afford it.

Photos of Lofts Design