Lofts Plans

Loft beds, also known as bunk beds have multiple bed frames stacked one over another(a) from the top. Such beds allow two or more people to sleep on separate bunks. The lofts ar supported by four poles or pillars at each corner. You can climb to the next bunk with the help of the ladder that is attached astatine one corner of the bed. You can also design the bed by installing multiple racks below the loft or attach small cabinets on the sides for the purpose of keeping useful things. Contemporary designs of loft beds ar readily available astatine furniture stores and you can purchase them as per your convenience. The other option is to chalk out the plan yourself and get it done by a carpenter.

Unlike queen size master beds, loft beds occupy a very little space inside a room. Moreover, the bunks accommodate more than two people astatine the same place. They ar usually placed in dormitories, hostels, prison cells, university residence rooms, summertime camp cabins, etc. The design of a bed depends upon its utility and comfort of the person sleeping on it. In this article we have provided some wonderful plans for loft beds.


Triple Lindy Loft Plan
This type of bed can accommodate three persons in one arrangement. Make sure you keep enough space in betwixt the bunks so that a person can freely sleep and rise without touching his head on the upper bunk. Keep the design simple when it’s a three tier arrangement. Attach a ladder from one corner of the bed. Raise the sides of the bunks to prevent falling. You can also design it traditionally with exquisite wooden carvings or use a sturdy wood/wrought iron for crafting the bunks.

Double Tier Loft Plan
A double bunk loft looks very neat in a house. You can attach a draftsman underneath the lower bunk and install a small cabinet for keeping daily use materials beside the top bunk. Double lofts ar spacious and comfortable as well. You can also jazz up the bed with beautiful curtains and draperies. Double lofts ar ideal for a family having two kids. They are also unbroken in hostels for utility purposes.

Queen Size Loft Plan
Queen sizing loft beds ar usually intentional to accommodate quite a few number of people in a single room or in open space dormitories. They ar spacious and have three or more bunks. Since the bed carries a great deal of weight, it’s usually made from wrought iron or a durable wood. The ladder extends till the top. The bunks have enclosed edges for safety of the person sleeping on the bunks.

Single Loft Plan
Single lofts have a bed frame at the bottom that can   slide in and out. A wooden framework is reinforced underneath for accommodating the bed frame. Such beds also have multiple racks on their sides and the bunks are astatine the top. The top bunk is meant for sleeping. The draftsman like bed at the bottom actually saves a lot of space in the room. You can also admit a medium-sized rack beside the loft in your plan. It’s an excellent idea for loft beds in studio apartments.


Loft beds for children should be intentional considering their age and power to climb. Always raise the sides at least to 40 cms to avoid mishaps while they sleep. The bunk should be of low height for easy climbing. You can attach a small rack on the side of the bed to keep their books and toys. Attach a closed wide ladder with the bed to allow them climb effortlessly. You can decorate the bed with soft toys and hang colorful curtains. Low height loft beds ar ideal place for studying. Thus they not only leave ample room for movement but also serve multiple purposes. Furthermore, children also enjoy climb up and down the bunks.


I hope you have liked the loft bed plans explained in this article. Take precise measurements with the help of a carpenter, place the designs and get a beautiful loft bed built for your home. It will definitely prove advantageous in every way.

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