Pigeon Loft Design

Is turning an existing structure into a pigeon loft a good idea? If the existent structure you decide to use does not take into consideration the growing demands of your pigeons you ar in trouble. Will you be one of the many first time loft builders who decide to use an existent arrangement only to be left with exceeding costs?

How to know if your existent construction is right for building a pigeon loft is critical. As you read this clause you will learn what things to take into consideration before using an existing structure for your pigeon loft?

If you’re like me you want to save as much money as potential that’s why existent structures look like an obvious choice. However this may not be the best choice. Let’s go over a simple checklist of things you probably already know about pigeons but may not have thought about in your pigeon loft designs.

Pigeons need a lot of fresh air
Pigeons eat and go to bathroom regularly
Pigeons like people need to be capable to move

Now ask yourself this question does the existing building you are going to use take into account the bullet points I outlined? If not than your existent structure won’t do. But if you ar on the fence and believe that the existing place may do here are some things to help clarify your decision.

Ventilation is one of the most overlooked but vital element in your loft design your birds need fresh air and sunshine if its potential adding exhaust fans would be ideal. However make sure you pay heavy attention to having your existing loft ventilated adequately.Is your existing building properly elevated off the ground? Proper elevation is needed for many reasons one in particular is your pigeon loft needs to be dry as much as possible. Finally this ties in with elevation does your existing structure hold out moisture? Moisture ranks #1 when it comes to sick birds. Your structure has to be as dry as humanly potential to non only ward of diseases but to also clean droppings. Dry muck ar easy to clean then wet droppings.

Photos of Pigeon Loft Design