Top Tips to Adopt a Chinese Interior Design Style

Adopting a Chinese interior style means finding traditional Chinese methods to achieve a rich, exotic, beautiful look in your home. The journeying to filling your home with Chinese interior style will bring along lots of colors and patterns. While preparation this exciting change remember to do it safely which means some planning, equipment and using step ladders for the jobs that require it.

Each room in your home has its own purpose so at the outset of provision these changes consider this as well. Form follows function and the Chinese interior style is a vibrant look which may be more suited to some suite than others. It is perfect for rooms which you would like to make more exotic but at the same time would feel cosy and restful to live in.

For those of us who live in colder countries it can be a wonderful step to bring in this exotic style to warm up the atmosphere. Picture in your mind what will work for the room, you and your family; with red and black and other rich and bright colors being integral to the style, as well as gold decoration. Starting with the main colour of the walls and drilling down then into the furniture and accessories this is how to assemble the new look. If you are changing a littler room then it is advisable to choose more neutral colors for the walls but to really go to town on the Chinese look with the furniture and accessories.

If the room is a medium or bigger sizing room the walls can be the start point using rich primary red, bright blues, yellows or greens. Bear in mind that yellow will tempt genial activity so it is great for a study but should be used in smaller amounts in the living area and hardly astatine all in bedrooms. In a smaller room or if you don’t feel comfortable with too much colour on the walls choose paler neutral colours.

Now the next step is the furniture which in this style is ornate using quality wood with fine glossy lacquers in sunglasses of various reds and black. Find furniture with intricate decorative sculpture or inlays which should be very elaborated and can have fancy handles. Be careful to stick to one look throughout the furniture don’t be tempted to go for a compounding of styles as this can lead to a jumbled look and then you will lose the potential effect. If you find a couple of feature pieces then make sure the rest of the furniture is understated and complementary in dark wood or plain black.

Chinese style accessories are lots of fun and ar the finishing touch to get a really authentic look. Here you will want oriental rugs, rich fabrics and Chinese paper lanterns. These lanterns give a soft glow to the room. It is potential to find lovely embroidered silks which can be used as wall hangings or throws.

A lot of us Westerners ar embracing feng shui which is a Chinese practice that believes that all objects have positive or negative energy and therefore moldiness be placed cautiously to achieve balance. Although to achieve a Chinese style interior you do non have to employ feng shui there ar people who believe it helps with the look and feel and of course the energy in their home. We will search this in an article soon but in the meantime if you are putt up the Chinese lanterns, picture the walls yourself or hanging the wall hangings always use stepladders for your safety.

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